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Safety in Design (SiD)

The Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 places duties on those involved in the design and construction of buildings. In order to fulfil their obligations under the Act, all design consultants should be implementing Safety in Design (SiD). SiD is a standard that integrates hazard identification and risk assessment methods early in the design process. The standard considers how to eliminate, isolate or minimise the risks of death, injury and ill health to those who will construct, operate, maintain, decommission or demolish an asset.

Practically, this means that all design consultants will be keeping a record of considerations regarding Health & Safety for each individual project. Key information about identified hazards and action taken or required to control risks will be recorded on a Risk Register, and notes relating to Health & Safety will appear on documentation and drawings.

Clients also have duties under the Health & Safety at Work Act, and sharing of information is important. All information about existing site hazards should be disclosed, and discussions between the client, consultants and contractors regarding Health & Safety will be ongoing, with documentation such as meeting minutes and reports produced during each project stage.

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