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Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD)

Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) is about designing and constructing energy efficient buildings which have a low environmental impact. ESD can be implemented in the planning and design of a new building, as well as the refurbishment of an existing building.

We believe that ESD should be a core value which directs the design process and decision-making for every project.

Every building should be designed to maximise solar gain in the winter, whilst also providing coolth in the summer. Effective natural ventilation should be utilised to prevent overheating and provide the inhabitants with fresh, clean air. Buildings should be well insulated in consideration of the future inhabitants. Traditional building materials and techniques should be utilised where possible. Opportunities to utilise materials and systems that could potentially improve the quality of the construction and also speed up construction time should also be considered. Water is a precious resource, and where possible, all rainwater should be dealt with on the building site, and the potential for rainwater harvesting should be explored.


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